Professional Scissor Sets & Kits

Shop Scissors Sets & Kits at Japan Scissors. We have high-quality Japan and German cutting and thinning kits for apprentices and professionals! 

For the professional hairdressers and barbers out there looking for a cutting and thinning scissor set, we have a full catalogue for you!

Our professional scissor sets include:

  • Jaguar Jay 2 Set
  • Yasaka Master Set
  • Juntetsu Professional Cutting and Thinning Set
  • Miya John Rainbow Set
  • And many more right and left handed professional sets


What makes a scissor set professional? We have broken down the main components:

  • Professional sets have higher quality metals, like 440C Hitachi Steel
  • Bevel or convex edges that allow for sharper cuts
  • Offset ergonomics that keeps professionals cutting for hours without fatigue
  • Advanced tension adjusters that keep these professional scissor sets tight for months on end